Tribal Veda - Residence

  • 02 May 2019
Project Description
Two day shoot to create videos for Tribal Veda, includes a photo session and shots from the day, lovely spirited bunch of people with a great mix of cultures.    Band Members Pauline Malbaux (Hautbois) - Annelise Clement (Clarinet) - Alexis Sebileau (Drums) - Goran Juresic (Voice, Buzuki) - Charles Zoltan de Leissègues (Mix) - Demian Araya Garcia (Percussions, flutes) - Guillaume Ruelland (Bass) - Corina Santana (Voice) - Jovana Krstevska (Voice)   Record Label Label : l'Onde - Distribution : Hybrid'music Magnétique et Magique - Tribal Veda est une danse lancinante - la tribu d'un monde qui s'invente.   TRIBAL VEDA are men and women. Beings. They hail from the four corners of the earth and during their concerts, they manage to embody the lost link uniting the t...
Live Preview
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